The plan seemed absurd, the risk excessive and the solution farfetched.

The determination of this humble fisherman inspired our concept.

Olaya’s long swimming distances carrying independence strategies became more frequent. The Spanish occupation began to weaken before the astonishment of how the rebels could deceive so many security controls.

Some time later, Peru declared its final independence and recognized the young Olaya as one of its great precursors.

Bold, he showed that all plans had failed because they did not think of risk alternatives.

Incarnating this story as ours, in circumstances where the Peruvian fusion cuisine seemed to have already been settled, and improving seemed impossible, we ventured into the unexplored. And, moved by the deep conviction that our guests deserve better, we embarked in this adventure.

With the same heart of that young fisherman who knew how to break with all the logic of his time, we created this space. For those who stand before an established landscape and decide to go further in search of better options. Welcome to a place where boundaries cease to exist.

Welcome to Olaya. Cooking Atelier.