Peruvian fusion cuisine

taken to the highest level

Olaya [o ‘la ya] n.

We are Peruvian fusion cuisine taken to the highest level. Constant innovation, evolution and vanguard. We take you on a culinary trip that will make you live an amazing experience guided by our Peruvian master chef and sous chef staff.

CHEF José Castro

Born in Lima, Peru. With academic formation in New York University, London Westminster College and Gato Dumas of Buenos Aires. He was part of the Fernando Trocca’s team in Sucre and turned into a pioneer of the Peruvian Nikkei food in Buenos Aires. Founder of iconic fusion foods according to the top 10 Peruvian restaurants outside of Peru. In 2013 founded Olaya Restaurant.

His boldest project, in the pursue of breaking all the limits of Peruvian fusion cuisine and taking the experience to territories never thought of before.


Olaya é um lugar para desfrutar, experimentar e compartilhar com amigos, colegas ou alguém especial em um contexto divertido e distendido, decorado com elementos clássicos, modernos e artísticos.


Olaya is a place to enjoy, experience and share with friends, peers or a special one in a fun and distended context.


Our full bar will make any drink come true, from global trend to the most classic cocktails, with just the right twist of innovation.

Private Events

We transport the Olaya universe to your event outside the restaurant. Also, there is an option of reserving your private space at our restaurant.

Through our catering service, we can take the Olaya experience anywhere you want with a menu that includes our sous chef staff and waiter services for your guests.

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